Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Beach

I hooked up with very talented model (and working photographer) Marcela Diaz in August to create some traditional beach images, including bikinis and beachwear. Well, that was the plan…

The summer had been fantastic, with hot and sunny weather in abundance… until we decided to do a beach session. After a number of failed attempts we decided to give it a go.

Finally at the beach we realised just how windy and overcast the conditions actually were. We had initially talked about high contrast beachfront pictures with blue skies and a lots of sun. Instead we had to change our plan drastically.

Marcela Diaz
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Marcela Diaz

We took cover from some of the wind a bit further up at the beach, in between some pine trees. The bikinis now felt pointless, and probably for the better. Instead of colourful and high contrast we went for a went for a burned out look with muted colours, to try to create a feeling of a scorching hot day when you just have to take cover in the shade. Did we succeed?

Marcela Diaz

I overexposed the background by 1.5 to 2 stops and used a Canon 580EX II through a 60cm Lastolite EzyBox to give us enough light, mostly from the left.

The EzyBox is really… erhm… easy to work with and for being a rather small 60cm softbox, made for speed lights, together with a 580EX II it is extremely versatile, powerful light shaper and gives a pleasing and soft light. The fact that it’s assembled in a few seconds and takes very little space in the bag is an added bonus.

Marcela Diaz

This is Marcela’s first shoot as a model. She’s a natural in front of the camera, don’t you think? Hope to work with her again soon.

Here's how to shoot fashion portraits like these on the beach.

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